3rd International IIOPM Seminar

Event Overview

This is a report for the First Annual Convocation of The International Institute of Organizational Psychology held at the 3rd International Seminar of The International Institute on Organisational Psychological Medicine Themed “Work Place Psychological Medicine and Productivity” ‘ at the 17th Annual National Conference of the Indian Association of Private Psychiatry at Hotel ITC Sonar, Kolkata, West Bengal. Organisational Psychological Medicine is about work place heart and mind alignment with organisational strategy enhancing resilience and productivity. Psychological Medicine of the spectrum of normality– Positive psychiatry . Outstanding scientific presentations on enhancing the potential of work force human capital resulting in enhanced productivity. IIOPM Fellows Professor Dr Tandon USA, Professor Dr Russell DSouza Australia, Professor Dr Srikanth Nimmagadda UK Professor Dr E Mohandas Professor Dr Rajesh Nagpal and Professor Dr Avinash Desousa took part in the day long International seminar followed by the Convocation for 2016.

The Convocation address at the IIOPM Convocation was delivered by Honourable Professor Dr Biswas the Vice Chancellor of the West Bengal University of Medical Sciences Kolkatta and Presided by Professor D. Russell D’Souza – Dean of IIOPM. The following were admitted to the status of ‘FELLOW’ on having met the requirements of rules and bye laws of section 14.3; 14.4 and 14.5 of The International Institute of Organizational Psychology Medicine;

Professor John S McIntyre USA, Professor Rajiv Tandon USA, Professor M S Keshavan, Professor V.K Bhujang USA Professor George Valliant USA, Professor Florence Thibaut France Professor Mathias Berger Germany, Professor Lakshmi Yatham Canada Professor Srikanth Nimmagadda UK, Professor A. Ramakrishnan UK, Professor Simon Wessely UK, Professor Robert H Belmaker Israel, Professor Russell DSouza Australia, Professor U. Agis Australia, Dr Clyde Rodrigues Australia, Professor E. Mohandas India, Professor Rajesh Nagpal India, Professor M S Reddy India, Professor Dinesh Narayanan India, Professor Anu Kant Mital India, Professor Prasad Rao India, Professor S. Nambi India , Professor ‘Palaniappun India, Professor Avinash Desousa India, Dr Pramod Kumar India.

The 3rd International Seminar and the Convocation program was a huge success.

Dr. Avinash De SousaSecretary – IIOPM